Sunday, July 7, 2013

Twue Wuv, or How I Learned to Equate Misogyny with Romance

Last night I watched an old favorite movie with some friends. We sat out on their lawn with the video projected onto the side of the house. It was nice to watch it with someone who had loved it and who shares my politics, so we could quote along and then criticize the hell out of it. For example, I hadn't realized how heavily the film's humor relies on characters' speech impediments. Westley taking time out from saving Buttercup to raise his hand to her (the consequence for women who lie) also made me squirm. Forget about passing the Bechdel Test. There are only three speaking roles for women, and they're a hapless princess, Miracle Max's wife (whom he calls a witch), and the old crone who boos at Buttercup in her nightmares.

Still, I laughed a lot and might inadvertently find myself saying, "Have fun storming the castle!" someday soon.

Haiku for The Princess Bride

I do not think that word means 
What you think it means.


  1. Excellent flick! Now I'm going to have to watch it again and analyze the math out of it. Thanks bro. . .

  2. Isn't there a mom?
    Or do I just infer her
    From Wonder Years kid?

  3. Mom has a few lines
    At the start of the movie.

    There's also a queen
    Who has maybe just one line:
    "Strange wedding," I think.


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